Thursday, August 16, 2007
A State of Unease..
Mah Gawd I love me the Herriken Season--Y'all just cannut unnerstand, less ya bin through a couple, ah reckun...

I have either been in Florida for way too long or not nearly long enough, when I am more than just a little disappointed upon the realization that DEAN will have very little bearing on us.


There is something oddly festive about hurricane preparations--a certain air of everyone banding together against the perils of nature. Rallying as one, regardless of race, creed or station in life. And damn, the quest for plywood, generators and bottled water--that is a carnival atmosphere in and of itself. You should be so lucky to one day witness the art of 'Hunkerin Down'!

Whooo-Heee dawg and lawsie mercy! It's fixin to get a bit wild in and around the Sunshine State!

It just had better not fugg with mah golf game.


Anonymous Melizzard said...

So So true... folks get together in line at Home Depot and roll out their best hurricane stories... "We survived Andrew" or "Remember they year we had 5? How long was your power out" ... It's part of the social scene here in the Sunshine state.

And yes I did mean Clarks.. the baby was screaming and I was having a brain fart.

Blogger David said...

Yep, I'm with you on digging natural disasters. They're like a party (until someone puts an eye out).

During Fran we were without power for 10 days.

Blogger David said...

shall I send you some pluy wood scraps for the NET one?
you know there will be a next time...
just like we will have more earthquakes ( calif)

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