Saturday, July 14, 2007
Reason Number 426 Why Florida Is Love...
...Opening the medicine cabinet and staring directly into the eyes of a tree frog. How much cooler can it get than that?

Well maybe ALMOST as cool as seeing, real time, how much fear of snakes ones husband actually has; when an innocent little black racer made its way into the lanai (aka the screened pool enclosure for you non-FL types). Granted, the black snake was lunging at me and trying to sink its fangs into my wrist as I attempted to pick it up, and it was rattling the ever loving bejeebus out of its imaginary rattler in hopes of scaring me off. I ended up picking it up with the pool skimmer (because while not afraid of snakes, I sure didn't want it to connect with my wrist) and tossing it back out into the grass, at which time The Hubs took his trusty 9 iron and went on the hunt for it, in hopes of severing it's itty-bitty little head from it's slithery body. Imagine The Hubs surprise when he rounded the side of the house, eyes directed to the ground in search of the snake to no avail and upon deciding that the snake had probably made its exit, The Hubs looked up, only to meet the snake eye to eye as it sat resting atop the a/c unit.

Need I tell you how loud the clang of that golf club was as he slammed the top of the a/c unit?

From the way The Hubs remembers it, that snake was no less than 8ft long--and at LEAST 6 inches in diameter. And possibly even an anaconda. Except BIGGER.


Anonymous Momma said...

Lee, you da man!

Anonymous popabare said...

Him TARZAN You jane :o) ;o) ;o)

Blogger Carrisa said...

holy crap. i'd have been screaming like a little girl. i hate snakes and am so glad i never see any.

glad you both emerged unscathed. can we say as much for the a/c unit?

Blogger steenface said...

Haha, amusingly enough, I just found a salamander in our pantry. It's been in there for about three weeks; our roommate announced we had a lizard in the house when we got back from the honeymoon.

Being the strong female role model that I am, I made the roommate get the lizard out. (Forrest wasn't at home.)

Let's not even talk about the tree frogs! Haha.

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