Monday, July 02, 2007
A moment in the life of.
As heard in conversation between myself and The Hubs:

Me: Hubs, what has happened to us? Do we really need the 3600sq ft.? The three car garage? All the latest and greatest in toys? The 60" big screen? Remember our first house, in all its 900sq ft. of glory? Do we really need anymore than we had then? All of this--stuff?

Hubs: *blank look*

Me: Seriously, sometimes it kind of sickens me..what are we doing?

Hubs: Keepin up with the Joneses, baby! Besides, it isn't like we spend a bunch beyond our means.

Me: I wasn't really referring to the financial implications hon, but our carbon footprint is really kind of terrible. We should be more aware.

Hubs: Why do I need to know what kind of shoes you buy?

Me: Argh.

Hubs: *snickers and returns his undivided attention to his 60" television*

Uhm, yeah. I caved. And the Leester? He is a very happy boy.


p.s. Divot is fine, although he continues to give the entire kitchen a wide berth.


Anonymous h said...

So glad to hear Divot is A-ok. Poor baby! And poor Dee! I am sure you felt just awful, but it was an accident and a dog's love is always there. I knew he'd get over it quickly!

Blogger Tig said...

Dogs always forgive, that's why we keep them around.

Say what you want about living means and materialism, it does my heart good to hear your family lives so well.

Blogger Snickrsnack Katie said...

Damn. 3,600 square feet? That is like, 3 1/2 times the size of my condo! Wowsa!

Hey, if you can afford it, more power to you! But I understand sometimes how you start to wonder "Is this too much?" I do the same exact thing, and I only have a 1,000 square foot place and drive a freakin' Scion. haha.

Blogger Kait said...

I can understand what you mean, Dee... but I'm with Leester for the most part. I'm a "more" type person! :)

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