Friday, May 25, 2007
My Love Knows No Bounds

Naveen Andrews, better known to some as Sayid, or The Worlds Number One BADASS, is the object of entirely too much of my affection, but can you blame me? The dude is HOT! And his mad ninja skills as displayed on LOST? I mean, really. How can your heart NOT go pitter-patter when you see the likes of this in action? I may have made the husband rewind the DVR repeatedly so I could memorize every move that the object of my desire made when displaying his mad talent for creatively doing away with bad guys. MAY have. I also may or may not talk to the TV when watching LOST, speaking directly to Sayid as though he were right here with me and my husband may or may not call him my boyfriend. But I am not admitting to anything, so shhh. Dont you dare judge me! I can't hear you! Go watch the entire YouTube clip to see all of this hotness in action. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Unless, of course, you have not yet watched the LOST season finale, which; DUH! Go download it!

What are you waiting for??

Disclaimer directed entirely at my beloved husband: This is my free pass. If ever the opportunity were to present itself, I get this get out of jail free card, because Sayid could eat crackers in our marital bed without me feeling an ounce of guilt. Mmkay? Deal.


Anonymous h said...

Seriously? I can't keep up! Three days in a row?!?! Isn't that, like, some sort-of recent Dee record or something? GAWD! I checked in and couldn't believe there was a new (to me) post below this one from yesterday! Glad you have so much to share!!!

Blogger Tig said...

My wife has such a "list" of actors she gets to sleep with if the opportunity comes up. It perplexes her that I have no such list, but if she can barely tolerate me what chance do I have with a highly paid actress?

Anonymous Molly said...

cobwebs are an understatement...BTW where is my cool wallet & purse?!?!?!...BTW Justin was THRILLED with the hat from uncle Lee

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