Monday, May 14, 2007
In which I dust off the cobwebs...
Blog, you say? What blog? Huh?

I'm shamed, almost to the point of no return, about how lackadaisical my attitude has been regarding my little space on the interwebs lately. You, too, should be ashamed of me. I even entertained the thought of letting this blog slip into the oblivion that is permanent hiatus, because lately life just hasn't seemed noteworthy.

Yet, here I am. So, loyal readers (all two of you?), for you...

Things have been busy at The Casa G., but not in the usual sense of the word. Spring time in Florida means for us the inundation of family visits. The Leester's Mother and gentleman friend were here for a few days and then my parents arrived last Wednesday, so we have been in entertainment mode. Somehow, it is easy just to let the little things slip when the routine is displaced. We have company in town until the first week in June although not all with us. (Thank the Sweet Baby Jesus!!!!!) My folks are really awesome house guests as they understand the three-day rule. That being the old adage that company is like fish. After about three days, they start to smell. So, what they do is plan their time with us around various weeks spent in condominiums around the state. In the 5 weeks or so that they are here in Florida, they are only in our house a total of 6 nights. Agreeable, right? Yeah, that's what I'm sayin! As well, they are kindly entertaining us for a few days this week in a lovely beach side condo on Anna Maria Island, on the Gulf Coast.

Trust me, when I tell you that this increases their stock as house guests by leaps and bounds! This means that The Hubs has agreed to take no less than three days off of work and we will be spending 4 full days officially on vacation! This would also be the longest vacation my husband has taken in the time that we have been together!

It is a banner day, people! Woooot!

I may actually even boycott the golf clubs and force him to spend said days with me, wandering the beaches and actually putting his feet up and relaxing. Just don't tell him that between now and then, okay?

I am really looking forward to getting away, as are The Hubs and The Prodigy. The only family member doing any complaining is Divot, as his vacation will be spent in the kennel at his local veterinarian's office. Suffice it to say he isn't pleased with the idea.

The poor abused canine! Next, you will see him standing in the middle of a busy intersection, cardboard sign in hand.

Pleeze help
Will Work For Dog Biskets
God Bless



Blogger Carrisa said...

Sounds like your parents are fantastic!

Hope the vacation is good. And that Divot returns home a grateful dog.

Blogger Attention Whore said...

Hee - I guilted you into posting didn't I?
But hey - I knew this all already...not fair. Hahaha.
But at least I get to see my sweet dog. Send him to me while you are away.

Blogger Tig said...

I haven't written in my blog since February so don't sweat it darlin'.

Sounds lik evacation will be fun. I hope you have a good time.

Blogger Kait said...

Yay for vacations, especially ones where you actually get to spend time together! :) I'm sure that the lovely Divot will forgive you when you come home!

Anonymous h said...

Yeah!!! She's baaaaaccccckkkkkk!!! Hey, Dee! We all missed you. And I think you can see that you have more than 2 readers!!!!

Anonymous Molly said...

FYI....Cobwebs are growing back

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