Saturday, July 07, 2007
43 Years and About 43 Hours.
A huge shout out to my parents, who celebrated 43 years of wedded bliss yesterday. Thanks for showing me how to stay married a very substantial length of time without having to kill or maim each other. Thanks for keepin it real, yo. Your children and Grandchildren appreciate it. It makes Christmas and the other family celebrations that much less complex, what with the travelling that would be required and the splitting of time--meh. Also, we never had to decide both rule.

Now hows that for the Hallmark Card that never was, huh? Huh?

Also, a big congrats to the male half of the parental unit belong to The Hubs, as he has now been officially engaged for about 43 hours. And officially divorced for about 48. The dude is BLISSED OUT. And she is really sweet too, so that helps.


Anonymous Momma said...

And we never had to decide favorites, all four rule

Anonymous Rodrigo said...

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