Thursday, July 26, 2007
Bear Grylls Needs To Come Film In My Backyard
I don't know what, exactly, is happening to my cozy little space but would you check this out??

Although this snapshot doesn't exactly capture the blood spray that is all over my beloved canine and the surrounding area, I do believe it sums up rather nicely how the snake is feeling. Besides, I was too busy running backwards, screaming like the total girl that I am and smashing ass over tea kettle into the table between the patio chairs that were directly behind me to worry about photographic finesse. Now then, if you'll excuse me while I go and try to brush citronella wax out of my hair, since how I upended the candle. Possibly onto my head.
My Dog Can kick Your Dogs Ass

Divot:1, Snake:0, Me:Bringing you grace and poise since 1968.

Anyone want to summon the National Geographic film crew for me, or shall I?


Blogger Sheryl said...

holy shit! I HATE SNAKES...and this pic makes me shudder and almost pee my pants!! My dog killed a possum the other day...but NOTHING compares to this eauwwww

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is next... spiders, snakes.. are you trying to discourage visitors or what??? I prefer those rosy pictures of fun in the pool, the golf course (and clubs) Universal studios, and cute Divot all alone! Hope you didnt hurt yourself fallind backwards.. but believe me if I were with you you would have been trampled!!Spiders, snakes, beetles.. subjects of my nightmares!!
I start vacation today. Leave for Montreal with Amanda and Jordan on Aug first
Lots of fun for sure.
Take care out there in that animal kingdom!!! Have a great Friday, and weekend!!
Love Auntie Lynne

Anonymous chelle said...

Yuck I was thinking about coming and seeing you .....but I think I changed my mind!

The only wildlife I have to worry about in my yard, is the mother robin that was pissed at me cause her baby was on my lawn!!


PS What kind of snake was that???

Anonymous Chelle said...

What kind of snake is that?

Anonymous h said...

That is scary! Now, will you kiss that snake-y dog face?

Hey Dee, how is Oldilocks? We haven't heard about her lately.

Hope things are a little less "wild" for you in the future!!!

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