Wednesday, July 18, 2007
As heard in conversation between the Hubs and I while driving home this past Sunday.

Me: Oh cool, Wednesday's lottery is up to 25 million. We will have to be sure and buy a ticket, since the draw date is our anniversary.

The Hubs: Yeah, for sure. 25 million is enough to split in half and go our separate ways.

Me: Aww, honey, I wouldn't divorce you even if I had 50 million.

The Hubs: *snickering* Awww, neither would I. I'd just get a girlfriend. If I had 50 million I could afford one.

Me: Sadly, I cant tell whether or not you are serious.

The Hubs: *Further Snickering*

Pursuant to our previous conversation, this was heard last night, while we had a pre-anniversary dinner at The Outback (because, hello--yum. Victoria's crowned filet. Nothing says wedded bliss quite like a decent cut of beef..)

Me: Well babe, would you do it again?

The Hubs: Huh?

Me: Marry me. Would you do it again?

The Hubs: Only if I didn't have to go through the wedding bullshit.

Me: You never went through that the first time!

The Hubs: I know, right? I was smart!

Me: Well, would you?

The Hubs: Would I have to go spend time dealing with the JP? Or spend fifty bucks on another license? Could we just 'say' we were married?

Me: *sigh* Okay, you don't have to stand in line, spend any money, or go through any ceremony. Do you still want to spend the rest of your life with me, after the last nine years?

The Hubs: Well, duh. I'm just finally getting you trained! Why would I trade you in on a different model?


He is getting nine lottery quick picks for his anniversary gift. Trust me when I tell you that after those conversations, he may just need a girlfriend.


Anonymous steen said...

Hahahhaa! You guys are too awesome!

Happy anniversary!

Anonymous momma said...

Well, I surely remember the day you came to our camp, showing us wedding photos; I was so irritated that you didn't show up for a BBQ. Poppa and I were so happy when we saw those photos. Changed those pursed lips of mine into a big grin, right?

J got his learners, and drove to Paradise to golf. I trust with someone with him,

hope your next 34 are as good as ours have been. We are also hoping for another 30 or so, and you can look after us in Fl

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Anniverary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, haaaapppy annnniverrrsary (I'm case you couldn't tell!)
Lee, and your depiction sounds so Lee. I love you guys!
So so glad I got to visit and see you both in your element. I now can appreciate your anecdotes even more.
Best wishes!
Auntie Lynne

Blogger Kait said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope that the two of you have many more happy years! :)

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