Thursday, July 19, 2007
Shock And Awe
You may think you know which is meant to shock and which is meant to awe, but you would probably be, here is a little sumpin sumpin for everyone.

Say hello to The Prodigy...

Blue to You, too.

Growing up I was pretty much allowed to do whatever I wanted with my hair. And although there were some wild ones, I never went quite this bright. I would have though, if I had the means to. If I were a few years younger I would totally be rocking the multi-colored dreads. While this may be shocking to some, this isn't it....

Now say hello to my nemesis and the bane of my existence...


To The Hubs, this is love. True love. I am just the woman that cooks for, cleans up after and clothes him. No, really. I wonder if he has named her yet! Shocking to the women, indeed. Awe inspiring to the men, I'm sure. But still, not it.

Say hello to this...its truly awesome and I know will shock the shit out of anyone who knows me.


I know, right? Whatever possessed me? Good Lord, the space to fill...the shopping to be had. The color-coding that has been done. Bliss.


Miracles DO happen!


Damn! I was so shocked by my own clean closet I forgot to add these! Now THIS is love!



*dreamy sigh*

New Clubs

Old School Head Cover

kickin it Old Skool

If there were any doubt at all, THOSE, my friends, are the source of AWE.


Anonymous momma said...

yup, the clubs are purty, but the closet, now that really IS shock and awe!!!! Looks like your father's closet; does your dresser drawer look like your father's also? Now that WOULD be shock and awe.

I love the look of happiness on your son's face. THAT is priceless.

Blogger Danielle said...

i don't know you, but am feeling the awe.

Anonymous h said...

Most shocking to me? The two pairs of fancy, schmancy black sassy heels I spotted on the floor of your neat ass closet!!! :o) A true side of Dee I never got to see! I'll bet they ROCK with the foot tattoos!
Love the clubs. M was truly impressed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Gawd!!! I saw the closet "before" OK admit it... what organizing guru came to your aid... you could have been on the TV show "Neat" ah the fame.. the fortune!Well done girl!! (next show us Lees closet.. I want to see those Tommy Bahama shirts all in a row...)
Way to go Will.. what made the blue the color of choise.. I luv it!
But the clubs WOW lucky girl! We'll see how they match up against Nancy Lopez.. the game is on!!!
And... nice TV Lee
You are all blessed!
Auntie Lynne

Anonymous molly said...

love the hair, K would love the TV...nice closet. that a brown purse in there??is that the one my sister sent home with my parents???right along with the new wallet??

Blogger Bobby said...

I wish I could golf. I just hit the driving range now and then. That's a pretty zen thing . . . maybe if I spend enough time at the driving ranges, I'll be able to hit the ball in the right direction once in a while.

Blogger thethinker said...

I would never have the patience to color code my clothing. And, my closet's not that big either.

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