Wednesday, August 08, 2007
Happy Hump Day!
If my husband were here and I had said that, his ears would perk up--because he is like that.

"Hump? Did someone say hump? Honey? Baby? Hubba, hubba!"

Yeah, kind of like a dog. Good thing he is cute, right?

So, while I have been somewhat removed from my little bloggadicio where I sometimes braggadocio, and kind of quiet all around, which believe me and anyone you may ask who knows me, goes entirely against the norm, I have returned.

See, the thing is, when I am under any amount of stress I tend to internalize it and get rather cerebral. As I have mentioned before, to give voice to the things I am concerned about somehow gives them more validity in my own mind and can make them seem all-encompassing. So I make these little concessions with myself and take on a no talk-no worry policy. It is what works, for me. It's how I keep things tolerable.

Well, NO MORE! Today, I celebrate the rather large deduction from our checking account which symbolizes the INS' acceptance of our current quest for VISA renewal and I celebrate the fact that in all likelihood and barring natural disaster, terrorism or an act of God (kinda sounds like the disclaimers on our insurance policy), we will be allowed to stay here for another two years.

Can I get a collective sigh of relief here people? Please?

*Does the happy dance*


So, while the system is still completely broken and entirely messed up and until we receive the final absolute authorization and as such remain unlicensed drivers and totally on the wrong side of the law daily as a result of it, I CARE NOT!

I get to friggin relax! I can finally unclench my teeth after 6 months or so. And yanno? My damn jaw hurts. Just sayin'

*Does some more happy dancin*

And on that note, I am off to go and visit with Oldilocks. Tune in tomorrow when I will regale you with the tales of her adventures--the likes of which have been kind of making my hair curl. Whooo-Heeee Mama! Suffice it to say, the Old Girl has still got game.



Blogger Buffy said...

I think you've got something with your whole 'don't give voice to the stress' thing.

It always makes it worse...for me anyway.

Blogger Carrisa said...

it's funny how we can have fifty frillion illegals living and working in this country with no problem at all, but then you guys are working so hard to stay in the country and they give you such a hard time and charge you out the ass.

do you have to pay taxes if you aren't a citizen?

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Anonymous Momma said...

Carissa, ya sweet young thang, OF COURSE they have to pay taxes!! Otherwise, why try to get citizenship.

Not of course the taxes we pay in Canada, though....we pay TWICE the taxes.

Dee's Momma

Anonymous dare said...

I am happy for you and your jaw my dear

Anonymous h said...

happy dance
happy dance
I LOVE the happy dance!!!
SOOOooooo happy for the 3 of you!

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