Thursday, August 23, 2007
Holla At A Playah!
As you have all heard me lament on occasion, The Hubs is a bit of a car audio aficianado--and it is the bane of my existence. (Not really, but shhh--don't tell him, I don't want him to get any bright ideas about his next project. Capisce? Good. Thanks.) Well, as it turns out, he has been invited to attend the national finals in Atlanta, Georgia and compete, yet again, for something or other. I'm sure he told me what it was, but what I heard was something like this: "I am going to be attending the IASCA national finals yada-yada-yada-blah-blah-blah." I swear, he sounded JUST like the adults on the Peanuts cartoons. For real.

At any rate, I digress. He and I recently attended a more local show where I was given prime example of how much self control he actually exercises in his decisions about equipment purchases. Which loosely translates to what arguments he decides to have with yours truly, as evidenced by the photos I am about to share with you today. I am just going to show you the paraphernalia of one person competing in the same show, but I think you will see what I mean..

The guy was driving this:


And towing this:


Which also contained this:


And because there was only one of him and more than one of his rides to show, he had his friend drive this for him:


I was being stealthy in the capturing of photos so I was unable to ask him to properly close the car door but you can see that it had a whole lotta this just the same:


And then his other buddy drove this out there for him:


All of which he ensured happened in a timely manner by frequently checking this:


And that, my friends, is a WHOLE LOTTA BLING.

Given that the GUY I am referring to had two very feminine sounding names which may *cough totally were cough* or may not have been Cherry and Courtney or some variation of that order of those two very names, I am sort of inclined to believe that perhaps he may have been overcompensating just a wee bit. How about you?


Anonymous h said...

That is hilarious! Great pics! I agree...gotta be compensating for something! Could it be something other than the (spoken with thick Arnold Schwarzenegger accent) girly-mahn names!?!?! :o) So, are you going to Atlanta with Leester?

Blogger David said...

is he also under 5'9" ?
could be "shorty" syndrome, serious, and not nice to be around, needs professional help.

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