Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Howdy, Y'all!
Don't ask me where that came from, just run with it. Maybe it is my tribute to The South or something...hell if I know.

So, Friday I had the pleasure of meeting someone from the blogosphere, the lovely Miss Britt, who has recently relocated to Florida from Iowa. We met for lunch at Tijuana Flats because it was entirely imperative that I prove to Britt that the ever elusive traditional taco salad exists here in Florida. Traditional as in sans black beans and rice, which while both have merit in Cuban fare, just do NOT belong in your very Americanized taco salad. Suffice it to say I achieved my goal and Britt can now rest easy, being the low-carb gal that she is.

It was a great time and I venture to say that it was the beginnings of a very fun friendship, which is totally amazing. Britt is a very spirited little sprite of a thing, with her outrageously curly blond locks, piercing blue eyes, quick laughter and sometimes caustic but always funny sense of humor. I am so pleased we decided to go for lunch, as nervous as I initially was about it.

Britt also brought her dear friend and new boss, avitable, and much lively conversation and fun ensued. avitable served as a great rain shield, as it was important that we sat outside, Florida weather be damned! Also, avitable comes with a disclaimer. Do NOT go visit his site if you are of the faint of heart. The man is funny as hell and also extremely shocking. Trust me, his tagline reads: Tact is for pussies. Mother? Father? Auntie Lynne? This is solely directed at you guys. Really. Don't say I didn't warn you, not even avitable's family will read his site and he may correct me if I am wrong, but I believe his father requested that he change his url so as not to be in any way associated with it. The US Gov't was going for shock and awe when they invaded Iraq. They should have taken lessons from avitable.

Speaking of shock and awe, lets not forget what day today is, the sixth anniversary of 9/11. I hope that you guys, like I do, remember what was lost and why this Country and its supporters are fighting over there. Take a moment to reflect on things, and be thankful for your freedoms, they come at a great price. While I may not support the fact that we are still in Iraq, the troops will always have my undying support. Some people will say that it is impossible to support the troops if you do not support the war effort, and to that I say bullshit.

And that is pretty much all I have to say about that.

On a decidedly more disgusting note, and something you probably could have pleasantly lived your life blissfully unaware of, the smell of flesh being cauterized is EXACTLY the smell of corn chips. Trust me on that one. I found out yesterday, when I sat holding The Prodigy's hand as he had a small surgery done on his foot that required exactly that. Lets ponder for a moment how pleasant it was for both of us, him lying there while having the procedure and me standing there with full view of his bleeding, open wound as the Dr. cauterized it and smoke slowly filled the room as the ventilation system suddenly stopped.

Frito's, anyone?

Yeah--never again, thanks!

(Oh, HEY! Mom and Dad? You'd really, REALLY, like Britt. She is as bratty as I am and guess what? She is a churchgoing catholic girl! I'm inspired! See, it wasn't your incessant nagging..I mean, gentle guidance!)

(Britt? my parents are forever indebted and would like to buy you presents.)


Anonymous Miss Britt said...

Wow, I think that is the most flattering third party description I've ever read of me!

Anonymous Miss Britt said...

Awesome. I like shoes - size 7 1/2. Could also use a couple tops - a Medium should do.

Gift certificates work well also.

Blogger Avitable said...

I always thought the smell of cauterizing flesh smelled like bacon and corn chips. I watched open heart surgery and actually got hungry!

That was fun, and I hope to join you guys again for lunch sometime.

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