Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Incompetently Competent.
I have always prided myself on not being one of 'those girls'. You know the ones, they bat their eyelashes and sigh when faced with things like a check engine light and then turn and ask the nearest big, strong man for help.

Yeah, well that shit just doesn't fly, with me. I have made it my policy to not only check the oil, but be able to change it, if required. To change a flat tire rather than wait for a tow truck. Hell, one of my summer jobs as a teenager was at a service station where I not only performed regular oil changes and did tire repairs, but dabbled in the art of the tune-up. Granted, I was merely a lackey for whoever was actually doing the mechanical work, but still, I learned. And I took pride in it.

Most home repair is not something that I balk at. I read the directions and I tackle it. Thankfully, thus far, it has worked out for me. Until this past weekend...

Why is it that no matter what, when something was lodged in the garbage disposal, I am rendered entirely useless? I absolutely cannot bring myself to stick my hand down into that unknown abyss and find out what the problem is. I just cant do it.

It's a good thing that my very own big strong man is home now!

As his punishment for leaving me in that situation, I made him take me golfing yesterday..and then out to dinner.

Remind me to tell him about the garbage disposal tonight when he gets home from work, will you?


Blogger Carrisa said...

speaking of check engine lights.. mine just came on. and it didn't go off after I got an oil change and checked the gas cap?

Wanna come over and run a diagnostic for me? I'm scared.

Anonymous Miss Britt said...

I'm OK with being one of "those girls" when necessary. If need be, I'm more than capable of taking care of myself.

But... I'm also able to get help when I need it. ;-)

Blogger jennster said...

LOL- i am totally the girl who can handle business when i need too.. i just don't want to be the one who NEEDS to every fucking time. you know?

Blogger Avitable said...

I'm okay with being one of those girls, too. That's why I have a handyman. And my wife.

Blogger Kimblahg said...

Don't forget to make him fix the garbage disposal (Ever see Final Destination where his hand gets stuck in the garbage disposal?)

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