Friday, September 14, 2007
Let Me Apologize, In Advance.
1. I am seriously behind the times and trend in my start of this 100 things.
2. I have no doubt that the majority of the people reading this don't really give a shit about what is on here.
3. I am prone to extreme bouts of anxiety.
4. I have learned how to control my anxiety--or talk myself down, if you will.
5. I learned after trying some prescription drugs that -really- messed me up, rather than help me.
6. I very painfully weaned myself off of effexor.
7. I wouldn't recommend anyone else do the same.
8. I absolutely adore my husband, even when he is a huge pain in my ass.
9. He is usually a HUGE pain in my ass.
10. He makes me laugh as no one else can and is truly my best friend, as cliche as that sounds.
11. The only other person I know whose sense of humor is nearly as honed is my sons.
12. There is a lot of laughter in our house.
13. I believe it is what keeps us the most together.
14. I very rarely have to castigate my son about anything.
15. He is an extremely thoughtful and caring young man.
16. I once worried about his health because he was always so hungry when he was a little boy.
17. I learned, however, he was going without his lunch as he would put it on the table for the 'poor kids' instead of eating it.
18. I started packing two lunches.
19. This is entirely reflective of his nature.
20. I'm pretty proud of the little bastard.
21. I have always had very curly, auburn hair that leans to red.
22. I stake my claim in the world of the red-heads, even though it probably isn't quite mine.
23. I have the fabled fiery temper belonging to the group--short fuse, quick to burn and instant forgiveness.
24. I have the mouth of a truck driver, much to the chagrin of some.
25. I don't see what the big deal about it is. I know when to be a lady, but really, is there any word more expressive than 'fuck'?
26. I kind of love that word.
27. I am immensely pleased with my lot in life.
28. I am perfectly content being a wife and a mother, although I loved working too.
29. I am really looking forward to continuing my education and getting back into the workforce.
30. I have the distinct advantage of not being pressured, as I wont be doing it for the income.
31. This is an extremely lucky place to be.
32. I am aware of exactly how blessed and fortunate I am.
33. Growing up, I was the most social creature on the planet.
34. Grown up, I am far more reclusive and relish in silence.
35. Solitude is bliss to me, most days.
36. My need for socialization is met quite nicely through interaction with total strangers.
37. I am very much of the mindset that a couple true friends are far more valuable than many acquaintances.
38. I am not afraid to search out the new, true friends.
39. I was once, as a pedestrian, hit by a very big, fast moving truck.
40. I should probably have died, but was spared, with relatively few injuries.
41. I have always wondered why I didn't die that day, what purpose I have in life.
42. I worry that I am not living out that purpose--that I missed the big flashing neon direction sign somewhere along the way.
43. I am afraid of the dark.
44. I don't buy into women's lib.
45. I am perfectly okay with that and don't feel the need to justify.
46. I do not vote.
47. I do not have the right to vote, in this Country.
48. Even while living in Canada, I only ever voted once.
49. I scratch my head now, as to why.
50. There is a certain freedom in begging off any political opinion.
51. I would LOVE to be able to vote in this Country.
52. I am doing everything in my power to ensure that will happen one day.
53. I long to be an American Citizen.
54. Not because of any disloyalty to my own Country.
55. I decided as a child, upon watching the Neal Diamond movie 'The Jazz Singer', that I wanted to live here when I grew up.
56. I was eleven.
57. The clincher was the song 'America'.
58. I really dig Neil Diamond, even today.
59. My musical taste is varied.
60. And really, kind of shitty.
61. For the most part music equates to noise, for me.
62. I do not like noise.
63. At all.
64. I love to cook.
65. I also love to eat.
66. I have dieted forever, as a result of this love and some other things.
67. My favorite foods are salty.
68. I would take savory over sweet, any day of the week.
69. I have no thyroid.
70. I had it surgically removed, several years ago.
71. I am artistically inclined and love to draw and paint.
72. I have done neither in years.
73. Mostly due to laziness, partly due to life getting in the way.
74. I fear disappointing people.
75. I have been known to people please to a fault.
76. Often times at the expense of my own well-being.
77. I have grown out of this, to a degree.
78. I have an exceptionally hard time saying no.
79. It pains me to do so, but I do.
80. I have learned that not to means suffering, in the long run.
81. My one true regret in life is being such an asshole as a student.
82. I spent far too much time doing anything BUT studying.
83. I wish I could have a do-over.
84. I have always regretted not having more children.
85. My husband has not.
86. It was oft a point of consternation in our house.
87. I came to terms with it.
88. He is glad.
89. His family is not.
90. Our son is his greatest source of pride. He parents him by choice, not by birthright, as we were a package deal. This speaks volumes about his character and I am pretty proud of that bastard, as well.
91. I am not fond of comedy. Mostly, it frustrates me. Especially slapstick.
92. I have often been told I need to smile more.
93. That shocks me every time, as I believe I am a pretty happy person.
94. I am a morning person.
95. I need 8 hours of sleep each night.
96. I do not sleep well.
97. I pee more than anyone I know. Like 4 times each night, usually, and countless times throughout the day.
98. I imagine you are very pleased that I shared that with you.
99. Let me top that one by sharing that I have IBS--pretty severely.
100. I can't believe I actually made it to 100.
101. I cannot believe you are still reading this. :-P


Anonymous Miss Britt said...

Wow. This was actually a pretty cool list. And I actually kind of can't wait to hang out with you again after reading it. :-)

Blogger Avitable said...

You're not fond of comedy?????

It's tough to come up with 100 things like that. I broke mine up over several months - it was the only way I could do it.

Anonymous molly said...

1. Breaking
2. one
3. sentence
4. into
5. 10 sentences
6. doesn't
7. count!

Now tell me something I don't know miss smarty pants!

Love ya

P.S. Why didn't I make your list in some way?!?!? doesn't glamorously beautiful,brilliantly smart, very modest and much younger sister make it somewhere?!?!

P.P.S. Big J is going to Japan for 3 mos!!!!!

Blogger BOSSY said...

This was a great list, but still - Bossy thinks memes are the new anthrax.

Anonymous Momma said...

***Phoque**** is a MUCH better word. It doesn't make momma cringe and is far more elegant.

People pleaser?????? are you going to church?

Miss Britt, what kind of jewelry do you like? ;o)

I'll bet H goes to church too!!! ;o)

Blogger Kimblahg said...

great list

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I know why we are sympatico!!!!
Auntie Lynne

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