Thursday, September 20, 2007
A Soup Day
Yesterday, it finally felt like the weather was changing. The hot summer days of Florida, slipping away, even just temporarily, and leaving us with a mere high of 84 degrees. A steady drizzle that lasted the entire day, sealing the deal. The sun rising, lazily, long after I got out of bed.

Definitely, a day where a crock of homemade New England clam chowder served with chunks of fresh, crusty bread was in order. A day where it would have been just as nice to stay inside, instead of being out running around.

The clincher to the changing season? A phone call to my Mom in Canada, in which she informed me that they got their first snowfall.

Yes, folks, that's right. It snowed on September 19th, where I used to live.

Remind me, again, why I like it here??

Hahahaha! Some things, I will just never, EVER miss.

Tune in tomorrow, when hopefully you will see the launch of the redesign of this little space of mine.

I am very excited to share the new look with you all!


Anonymous Miss Britt said...

A slight DRIZZLE?

Chic, it fucking POURED here. All. Damn. Day.

Blogger Avitable said...

Oh my God. I want some real clam chowder right. fucking. now.

Anonymous Momma said...

miss britt and avitable, that is phoque-ing!!!! (the french word for the animal "seal", pronounced like you know what

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